Our Services

Advisory Services

  • Preparing Business Plans
  • Budget and Forecast
  • Conduct a feasibility study of the project
  • Prepare a project report along with liaison with Bank
  • Preparing application and arranging Term loan with Bank
  • Preparing application and arranging working capital loan with Bank
  • Design, Implementation and Review of Accounting manuals
  • Advice on various accounting and accounting standard issues including IFRS
  • Consultation and Advice in matters relating to Business set up and Business structuring of foreign clients.
  • Share Valuation
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Consultation for Public Issue Matters
  • Consultation for Private Equity matters
  • Personal financial investment planning and familysettlement issues
  • Wills and Partnership Deeds
  • Certification
  • All the advisory in relation to Incometax, VAT, Service Tax, GST, International Taxation.
  • Advisory in the Company Law Matters.